I use to be a gardener and then I stopped. I had many reasons/excuses that contributed to this ie; my mom passed away, teenage angst, my dog coco dug up everything, remodeled our house. To quote Yul Bryner “etcetera,etcetera,etcetera” the truth is I was heartbroken and my heart was just not ” digging it” pun intended. I recently started gardening again and I am loving it again. I’m not sure what caused the rejuvenation of my old passion but as my hands dig into the soil I find myself weeping sometimes. I forgot how catharic tending a garden could be. My gardeners soul was always there but it was dormant. This blog is to chronicle the rebirth of my garden and myself as I bring us back to life.

6 thoughts on “About

    • Lynda E says:

      Thank you Jessica, I have neglected this blog like my poor garden. I hope to garden more often. My other blog is a photography blog challenge that I did in 2012. I’m contemplating a decor blog or I might just incorporate it with my busy blooming blog.

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