Li’l Abraham & the Ballerinas

The Abraham Darby rose that I recently planted has already rewarded me with some beautiful blossoms. They are probably a third of the size that they will eventually be but so pretty.

I’m managing to keep this lovely Fuschia alive. The flower reminds me of little ballerinas in their tutu’s and ballet slippers.
image image

6 thoughts on “Li’l Abraham & the Ballerinas

    • Lynda E says:

      He’s a beauty,but I think my favorite rose so far is Eden. A very light scent but the rose form is so pretty and old fashioned. Eden last a long time too.

  1. The Novice Gardener says:

    I need to show this to my husband. He keeps uprooting my roses, thorns being the excuse. Maybe I need to plant fully grown rose bushes already in bloom to stop him. The 1st year thorny sticks were too much for him to bear! Beautiful photos!

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