I promise myself a Rose Garden

My old garden had quite a few roses in it. Many of them did not survive my ennui. These are the troopers that are still hanging in there and believing in my promise. They’re keepers.

image Tiffany.
Awesome scent, beautiful form.

image Blue Girl.
She underperformed and was stingy with her blooms but she smells great and looks good. Let’s see how she does with a little more attention.

image Unknown.
So prolific and disease resistant.

image Unknown.
Excellent cut flower on long stems needs TLC

image Ice Berg.
Such a reliable performer if this died I should just throw in the trowel!
image Climbing Eden.
Beautiful heavy old fashioned rose. She was added last year and most likely awakened my gardening passion.

image Climbing Don Juan.
He is a new addition this year. The garden needed a masculine influence and he’s bold and musky smelling. The ladies have perked up since his arrival.


All together they make such a beautiful bouquet.

I enjoy them alone too.

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